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Оборудование для пишевой промышленности

Консервное оборудование

Fish canning line

Manufactured year: 2010 \ 2016

Condition: Good, working

3X Pallet lifter

Man. year: 2010

Capacity: up to 2 tons per hour

Lifter for (Fish-) Pallets in front of Thawing unit. Electro-hydraulic function.

3X Thawing unit

Man. year: 2011

Thwaing unit for fish blocks in a waterbath with circulation and screw conveyor. At the end vertical  conveyor. Heated with direct steam.

Capacity: up to 4,5 tons per hour

Cabinplant Fabric conveyor belt

Man.year: 2010

Conveyor for the thawed goods (fish)

Cabinplant Buffer

Buffer with vertical conveyor for constant process speed. Speed control by frequency and initiators including water niveau measurement.

Capacity: up to 4,25 tons per hour.

Cabinplant Fabric conveyor belt 

Man.year: 2010

Conveyor for the thawed goods (fish)

Cabinplant  Deskinning unit 

Man.year: 2001

Capacity: up to 4,25 tons per hour

Cabinplant Infeed unit 

Man.year: 2010

Infeed from the material (fish) by water into pre cooking line. Speed control by water level and valves including 3 wet-pit pump.

Cabinplant Pre cooking line                          

Pre cooking line with 3 conveyors (7500l water). Cooking time in accordance with coveyor speed. Heated by steam (2 areas). 

Capacity: up to 4,25 tons per hour.

Cabinplant cooling and packing unit

Area for cooling, filleting and packing raw material in club cans. Space for about 18 person for filleting + 6 person for packing. Plant has 6 semi automatic systems for filling cans. There is also a possibility to collect filleted goods via a Marel scale in Femag waggon.           

Cabinplant Unit for wastes 

Belt system for the removal of accumulating bones and innards. Waste is finally filled via vertical conveyor into a Seepex auger pump.

Cabinplant can bottom supply for packing unit 

Man.year: 2010

Feeding takes place via a 4-track fabric belt and 2 single belts on the can edge. The belts are equipped with 6 jam-controlled stackers

Videojet 6x Inkjet Printer 

Man.year: 2016

6 Printers for printing the cans in front of the production line with envelope color, each on a track directly after the destackers.

Fish canning lines 

Fish canning lines 1 

Fish canning lines 2 

Fish canning lines 3 

Fish canning lines 4 

Fish canning lines 6 

Fish canning lines 7